Age Spots-Age Spot Treatments, Age Spot Removal West Byfleet


Age Spots / Brown Spots / Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (DPN)

Pigmentation can develop as we age, this is due to sun exposure and a decrease in collagen


Advanced Electrolysis
Advanced Electrolysis – The treatment consists of a minute sterilised disposable needle which is introduced to the area. A low current is used, similar to that used in Electrolysis Hair Removal. This current produces a heating effect when applied to the area and its contents coagulate.

Ellipse Laser
Ellipse Laser – will reduce age spots and fading over pigmentation marks. Short bursts of intense pulse light are directed at the skin and are absorbed by the pigmentation spots.  The targeted areas then heat up and are destroyed.

ageing spots-1
ageing spots-2